Friday, June 13, 2014

Why Bring a Child into this World?

Dear Istanbul;

Here's the assignment. Why Bring a Child into this World? You can watch the video here. However; Please do not regard the last part of the short film. I don't want to be regarded as an advertiser. I liked the idea of the film.So;

After watching the film,

1) How did the film make you feel?

2) Is the film's message that we should or should not bring a child into this world?

3) Is the message optimistic or pessimistic?

4) What do you think about bringing a child into this world?

Please explain yourself clearly. As I said before, I am not considering grammatical forms. So feel free to share your precious opinion with me.

Have a nice weekend

Monday, May 26, 2014

Announcement for LasVegas

As I said before in the lecture, You are supposed to watch In time (2001) by Sunday Morning. We are going to discuss the movie in the lesson. 

I'd suggest you watch the film in the original language with English subtitle. So that it'd be much more easier for you to discuss in the class. I'm so sure you are capable of it.

365 Grateful

Dear LasVegas;

What are you grateful for?

Being grateful means feeling or showing thanks.You are going to watch a short film titled 365 grateful. Upon inspired by the film, I'd like you to express what you are grateful for.

From my point of view, I'm so grateful for being healthy.

I'm so willing to learn about your creative views.

Here is the video. Enjoy watching it!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Culture Shock

Dear NYC;

Here is the assignment. Culture shock is the personal disorientation a person may feel when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life due to immigration or a visit to a new country, a move between social environments, or simply travel to another type of life.The video is very interesting in showing how the same hand gestures can mean very different things in other cultures.As the video points out, some gestures can be very offensive in some cultures whereas it might be completely fine in yours. 

So If one of your foreign friends comes to your country, What would you suggest him? 

What should he avoid? 
Which behaviour is not appropriate in Turkey?
What do Turkish people regard as rude?

Please explain yourself briefly. I'd love to hear about your suggestions.

Have a nice week

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Dear LasVegas;

Here's the assignment I mentioned in the lesson. Hear what people in London say. 

One man feels free when he can make his own decisions, and have freedom of speech. One woman doesn't feel free when someone is nagging her. Another woman feels most free when she plays the piano because she isn't worrying about anything.

After watching the video below, Please explain yourself clearly in a small paragraph.
So Here's the question; 

when do you feel free

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Announcement for writing assignments (Extraordinary)

Dear Extraordinary;

Here are the scores for your writing assignments.I want to inform you that '' Each paper is evaluated out of 10.'' Your scores will take essential part on your level completion.

Hatice: 3
Gözde: 4
Sinem: 3
Yunus Emre: 3
Sibel: 5
Dilek: 3

As it's the beginning of your writing process, The scores are not that bad. However, as i stated on your papers, Please pay much more attention on your next assignment.

I appreciate your effort.

Have a nice day

Monday, March 17, 2014

Be Happy

Dear Dream-followers;

Happiness is something People have been following all thorough their lives. So Could you share what makes you happy?

I'm looking forward to reading your comments. Please try to explain yourself as clear as possible in at least 5 sentences. Definitely I repeat it.'' No grammatical mistake will be checked. Expressing yourself is much more important.''

I'll announce your writing scores soon. Stay tuned.

Deadline for the assignment: 21.03.2014 /  23:59

Have a nice week!