Monday, March 17, 2014

Be Happy

Dear Dream-followers;

Happiness is something People have been following all thorough their lives. So Could you share what makes you happy?

I'm looking forward to reading your comments. Please try to explain yourself as clear as possible in at least 5 sentences. Definitely I repeat it.'' No grammatical mistake will be checked. Expressing yourself is much more important.''

I'll announce your writing scores soon. Stay tuned.

Deadline for the assignment: 21.03.2014 /  23:59

Have a nice week!


  1. Dear Teacher,
    I was reading and watching when the video liked it.It is very nice.Thank you.Generally I love old people and I am going to nursing home.Sometimes I was crying.Especially I went to holiday. They have got children but their children didn't nursing home.Didn't called.
    Thank you. Regards

  2. Dear Teacher;
    I love the rock music .Usually I go to the rock concert.I love very sea and I enjoy journeying yacht tour.I love doing exercise and often I do walk in the wood.I enjoy driving a car.These are just a few the things that my enjoy doing.

  3. Dear Teacher;
    Nice video
    Everyday, While I came back to home I think I was lucky.Because I'm doing the best job in the world.I'm happy with the kids.
    So, I am happy every day:) Have a nice

  4. Dear Teacher ;
    I think, the video is great.
    I 'm happy when I play basketball. so I always try to play basketball at my free time. As I visiting with my friends, I had a good time. I love making models ships and planes. Also I like watching F1 racing. I have never been abroad .I wonder different country. I especially want to go to Brazil because the most exciting and beautiful F1 races are in Sao Paulo.