Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Human Rights

Dear Peculiar Individuals and Extraordinary;

Human rights are the rights you have simply because you are human.

This week's video assignment:

I'd like to learn about what you think about human rights. Especially in these days when human rights have been violated so many times. There are 2 different videos about human rights. You can watch videos and read Universal Declaration of Human rights (optional). After having an idea, Please try to express yourself as clear as possible. I'm not looking into your mistakes. Don't be afraid of writing and uttering your opinions. The most important thing is to see your effort in order to express yourself and how you take the assignment seriously. I'm looking forward to reading your comments.

The Question: What are human rights for you?  (Express yourself in a paragraph)

Deadline: 17.03.2014

The story of human rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights


  1. Good topic, thank you Burak..
    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.Everyone has the right to disseminate information and ideas.
    Unfortunately this is very difficult in recent times in Turkey

  2. There are basic rights that every person has. These rights starts with human birth day and they are also continues after died. Especially nowadays the people that have so much money can buy their rights. Whereas these rights must be universal, no matter who you are...

  3. Universal Declaration of Human is only a piece of paper. Human rights are not really cared about. Big countries and powers write some rights; but at first they violate that.
    Human rights are not needed to be written. They must be in mind and heart. If it was like that, may be we would be much more crowded than today.

  4. I lost my faith in human right after the event that occured in the recent times. If you are rich, you can say every thing to the goverment politicians or whatever. Thanks.