Monday, May 26, 2014

365 Grateful

Dear LasVegas;

What are you grateful for?

Being grateful means feeling or showing thanks.You are going to watch a short film titled 365 grateful. Upon inspired by the film, I'd like you to express what you are grateful for.

From my point of view, I'm so grateful for being healthy.

I'm so willing to learn about your creative views.

Here is the video. Enjoy watching it!


  1. Most people(including me) think that"he is happy because he is rich and he has everything what he wants"but I think it is not enough to be greatful.We should think what we have; family,most funny and understanding friends,healty and freedom.I'm so greatful to have them because if we don't have any of them we can't be happy, we feel missing.If we chance our mind we can find a lot of thinks to be a greatful.

  2. First of all so sory Mr.Uzumculer, I went to Chine last week and I caught lessons.Last lesson I didn'nt watch tv and I couldn't write anything.But I saw new topic I was so happy.
    You know I was get of my job six month ago.Than I have been working for three month a new company.When I had been Chine I thought old days.Because I passed very bad days October until March 2014. No job...I grateful my god.People see eveything in life .People never lost hope...I grateful my god I am lucky because I feel healty, I have great family.Now eveything good .I hope keep on.
    We should grateful to life brought bad or good.Because if you think about good, life will give good it.
    Alper Pamir

  3. One day when you never expect you can an accident. When you open your eyes, you touch you leg, your finger than you consider that you don't feel your legs.Also I am saying I am so greatful I can still walk, run, dance and although happened that sadness things for me in my life. I am so greatful because I can do what I want to.

  4. Firstly this is a great and imazing story. I had an accident one month ago. I was walking cross the street from my right a car was coming very fast and hit me. I jumped one metre and fell down on the street. I was shocked. There wasn't importent things on my body. But it could be! After that day i am grateful my health. Because we don't know what will happen after one second.

  5. This is a good chosen topic and wonderful project. First of all I' m so grateful for being healthy. But unfortunately the people usually don' t think about what they have. So they don' t appreciate to being healthy. When they lose out it they start to think about it. We' re very lucky for every healthy seconds. Also I' m so grateful having wonderful family, friends, job, freedom, good nature, sunshine, learning and growing up myself, etc...
    If we think, see and we can be aware of life' s real meaning, there are lots of things to being grateful.