Monday, May 26, 2014

Announcement for LasVegas

As I said before in the lecture, You are supposed to watch In time (2001) by Sunday Morning. We are going to discuss the movie in the lesson. 

I'd suggest you watch the film in the original language with English subtitle. So that it'd be much more easier for you to discuss in the class. I'm so sure you are capable of it.


  1. Dear Uzumculer,
    I won't come to lesson for next two weekend.Because My daughter will be enter universty exam.Please you will say sorry Tony too.But I watched movie.Diffrent world.No money .They didn't pay anything.They were pay their life.If I were you what did I do ? I am not thing about it...He wants revenge.Always anywhere people force the other.Some people wants change this situation.I thing some times good human wins.Who aren't wants to life for ever ? I want :) But this life complicated.We won't life forever.If you want good life you make favor the other people.One day this favor will come back to you.And you will be happy .This is true.Also all classmate friends take care please . Bye...

  2. Thank you alper for your commitment and comment