Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Dear LasVegas;

Here's the assignment I mentioned in the lesson. Hear what people in London say. 

One man feels free when he can make his own decisions, and have freedom of speech. One woman doesn't feel free when someone is nagging her. Another woman feels most free when she plays the piano because she isn't worrying about anything.

After watching the video below, Please explain yourself clearly in a small paragraph.
So Here's the question; 

when do you feel free


  1. When I am together with my friends,I feel so free because we do everything whatever we want,we have fun.I live with my family because I'm 16 years old that's why I feel free when I am together with my friends,there is no rule or seriousness.We can make our own decisions and do it.There are no limits to laugh,joke and fun.

  2. When I was a child I felt free.No job,no money,no command.But I have feeling free better than child time since 1994.Because my daughter born.When I look her eyes I feel free.She is my blood and my dna.Awasome!
    Just more think.When I drive car long travel,long way and alone of course I drive fast I feel freedom.

  3. When I rollerblade at the seaside I feel free. I watch the view. The view like a infinity. and I feel the wind. I sometimes move together the wind sometimes I skate over looking the wind. If I want to accelerate I accelerate. If I want to slow, I slow. It doesn't matter what did say any one. ( but you should be careful not to crash anyone...) to feel own body and self control own all limbs and muscles, like a freedom..

  4. I think Nobody is free in the world because all of us have respontibilities and we have to do something to live. On the other and eveyone is free as long as take a breath, laugh, walk, run. Actually we know true, we don't free unless we have to get up early. however we do something that make us happy when we want feel free ourself.

  5. I feel free when I'm able to do whatever I want. For example; when I wake up without alarm in the morning, when I drive a cabrio car in a sunny day, when I swim in deep, when I listen good songs etc..
    Sometimes the rules and requirements restrict people' s freedom. I think it' s limited by imagination and other people' s freedom also.

  6. Firstly as i can't do this assignment on time i'm sorry. Because my grandmother died on last wednesday.I had to go to Tekirdağ.But i am here now and writing.
    When i feel free i am with my close friends. Because we have the same sense of humour, a lot in common and we are on the same wavelength.All of them are very important to feel free. I don't beware and just i am myself when we are together.
    All in all in my opinion friends make feel free to us.So i glad have them.